The War Within



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Plot summery A paralyzed man who has lost his legs due to a car accident is now staying at home, buying and selling dollars. He is now expecting a war between Iran and The US in the hope for a soar in the price of his savings in dollar, regardless of how many people would die in the war. The war and the profit he makes by selling his dollars afterwards, would help him make a fortune as well as having a leg operation. And this is just the beginning of the story … P.S. the story goes back to the day at the beginning of the year 2020 when Iran attacked an American military base in Iraq called “al-Asad” as an act of revenge. Director Biography - Javid Farahani

Director Biography - Javid Farahani


Born in June, 1987 in Qom, Iran. Javid Farahani graduated of BA in Cinema from Sooreh University.


His short films include The Soil (2017) and Under The Blade (2019). In addition Javid Farahani has worked as a actor in 24 theater projects, street theaters, short films, tele films and series…

As well as camera working and film editing.

Short films include "Dirt", "The House is Empty", "Laughter and Crying" and "Under the Blade"(2019) , which has participated in 53 international festivals and has been nominated for 24 awards and won 11 awards.

Director Statement

A look at capitalism, currency and the dollar, and the imperialism of the new system of the World Bank and the bourgeoisie.

This film is about personal profitability in an unfavorable situation. The price of the dollar is directly related to the lives of the Iranian people. With the news of the Iran-US war and sanctions, the dollar is becoming more expensive.

Meanwhile, some people are now buying and selling dollars The worse the situation and the greater the likelihood of war, the more they think about their own interests and the dollar, because they can get rich.

A critical look at sanctions

And that with these policies, only human beings who die and are satisfied with death, with war

Meanwhile, as the dollar rises, people become poorer and more miserable, commodity prices become more expensive, and people come under pressure.


Selected for the 74th festival


Twenty-fourth edition of the festival

NewFilmmakers NY in America

Nominated for the 18th edition of the festival

The Archeology Channel International Film Festival in America

Twenty-third edition of the festival

East Lansing Film Festival in America

Nominated for the 10th festival awards

WRPN Short, Tight and Loose International Film Festival

in America

Presence in the world film market and festival directors in the finalists of the 11th festival

Figari Film Fest in Italy

And selected section of the festival's human rights


Attending the 11th edition of the festival

San Bernardino Vally International in USA

And attend festivals

Fillum International (FISSF) in USA

Film Olympiad in Greece

And the winner of the festival

Dreamer's Short Film


Directed by Javid Farahani

Written by Javid Farahani

Produced by Javid Farahani

Cast Reza Shad "Photographer" Amirabas Zahedi "Sound Enginner" Alireza Ahmadi "Edit" Nima Shaeri "Vfx" Erfan EbrahimiK "Sound Desing &Mix" Alireza Khorshid "Make-up Artist" Javid Farahani "Set & Costume Designer"

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