The Book of Babel



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A mad man claims he holds the key to predicting the financial market. When Max, a young ambitious investment banker ends up in possession of a mystical book his obsession with finding out its secrets takes over his life. Will he ever find the answer or like his predecessor be drawn into an inescapable spiral?

Director Biography - Helene Le Roux

Helene has worked as an actor in Swiss and French regional theatre productions throughout her youth, undergoing theatre training programs in over five countries. Reading a degree in Filmmaking at the Met Film School in London she recently began writing and directing for film, and The Book of Babel is her debut short. The dramatic film has already won 10 awards across 5 festivals for best short film, best student film, best soundtrack, and best student director. Selected in more than 15 festivals overall, it has been screened in festivals across the world and received strong mediatic attention from magazines such as Cult Critic and the Serbian national newspaper Politika.


Directed by Helene Le Roux

Written by Helene Le Roux

Production Company Met Film School

Produced by Helene Le Roux

Cast Robert Hook "Max" Bryan Hands "Old Man" Helene Le Roux "Waiter"

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