Tangled 8


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Same story, Different story.
Tangled 8 is eight adaptations of the same script. The film explores the ways in which people of diverse social backgrounds, races and age manage grief through its different phases. Originally conceived as a single short film, director John E. Seymore re-imagined the piece as an anthology feature, based partly on the musical concept of variations on a theme. The script remains largely the same, but the action, visualization, situation and sound vary greatly with each new vignette. Finally, Tangled 8 is a film about film. It pays homage to John Ford, Woody Allen, Peter Greenaway and other filmmakers who have created the visual and thematic language of modern cinema.

Director: John E Seymore

John is an award-winning screenwriter, producer and Emmy nominee, as well as an accomplished casting director, unit production manager, actor and director. His written and produced short film, "She Feast", won the Killer Film Challenge and best production at the Phoenix Short Film Festival. His Producer credits include the short films: "Come to Know", "Alone in the Dark", "She Feast" and "Speak To Me". His feature films include You Can’t Kill Stephen King, Blessid, Solitary Confinement, Drug Z and Tangled 8. John's feature directorial debut, Tangled 8, was released in 2015.

John currently serves as President of Seymore Films and Studio Executive for The Maine Studios. In addition, he is the creator of the Scriptsation Screenwriting Competition, the Maine Summer Shorts Festival, the Bathhouse Shorts Film Series and a founder of the Fenix Theatre Company. John is also a manager for Global Integrated Distribution where we works in acquisitions for Short Films, Horror Films and Web Content.

John's primary focus is in research and development of new projects. He works with both internal productions and outside collaborators to evaluate and choose the best productions for Seymore Films.

John’s acting credits include: Tangled 8, The Final Shift, Thinking with Richard, The Water in the Bay, Blessid, Are You Mr. Lonelee?, Bizarro and Bitten.


Directed by john e seymore

Written by Bryant Mason
john e seymore

Production Company Maine Studios and Seymore Films

Produced by John Depew
Melissa Wintermote
john e seymore
Cate Carson
Mark Hensley
Robert Heske
Alexander Merrill
John Rodas
Kenny Wintermote

Cast Cate Carson
Sal Rendino
Fiore Leo
Kate Jurdi
Kevin O. Peterson

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