One Nice Day



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The Teacher decided to give a Bag as a prize to one of his Students by a Ballot. So the Bag went to Rasooli, the Student who didn’t have any Bag and carried his books in a Pocket. After class, the Teacher by accident found out all of students has written Rasooli’s name on their Papers.

Director Biography - Sousan salamat


Sousan Salamat

Date & Place of birth: 09/21/1980 – iran(Esfahan)

Female _ Married


BA in Film Directing

-Directing “The Home is not Safe” Short Film

Participation in “Herat” international women’s film festival , October 2015

Participation in competition section of national Short film festivals:


-Directing “One Nice Day” short film

Participation in competition section of international film festivals:

(Insight half, india, August2014)(IFF san Francisco, September2014)(SquardiAltrove, Italy,March2015)(Kinolub, Poland, June 2015)(Insight curation scheme, England, June2015)(Syria, Spanish,November2015))Tehran,Iran, October2014))ParvinEtesami, Iran, October2014)(Roshd, Iran,November2014))Rouyesh, Iran, February2015)(100Second, Iran, February2016)

Special Jury Award in “Zero Plus”Film Festival(Russia,November& December2016)

Honor and Award in “ParvinEtesami” Film Festival, October2014

Condidate for Best Feature Film Award in “100 Second” Film Festival, February2016


Directed by Sousan salamat

Written by Sousan salamat

Produced by Sousan salamat
Behzad alavi

Cast Reza meraji "Teacher "

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