Oh, Mother of Mine



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Exploring the generational impact of the incarceration of mothers.
The Prison Policy Initiative reports that women and girls are the fastest growing segment of the prison population in the United States, disproportionately impacting women of color and growing 834% since 1978, more than double the pace of men. What, then, happens to the mother-daughter relationship when it is interrupted and controlled at the hands of the state? Charnal Chaney, 31, was three when her mother was incarcerated. She was one of thousands of children living in the District of Columbia, an area with one of the highest incarceration rates in the country, who have experienced a parent be incarcerated. G. King, 44, was incarcerated for nine years, leaving behind four children. “Oh, Mother of Mine'' explores the systemic barriers mothers face in the carceral state, the generational impact left by their incarceration, and the healing that continues for mother and daughter even after their release.

Anna Rawls is a visual anthropologist and photographer based in Washington, D.C. Driven by her deep curiosity, social awareness and aesthetic understanding, she works alongside individuals and communities to create work that expands analysis, communication, and interpretation of the human experience. Thematically, her work explores concepts of identity, belonging, and narratives that exist at the margins


Directed by Anna Rawls

Produced by Anna Rawls

Cast Charnal Chaney
Gaváta King
Ashley McSwain

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