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Murder or accident ? When life turns to the irremediable...

Director Biography - Sophie Chamoux

Child, Sophie Chamoux plunged into the theater.

First actress, she rings and foam boards improvisation while forming the performing arts and classical theater conservatory before stopping. In 2004 she anchored and founded "The Absurd Company", visiting including Ionesco's work. But irresistibly, she feels pushed to the shores of cinema. It lays the moorings and devote himself. Comedy, tragedy, absurd farce, curious about everything, Sophie travel happily from one genre to another. As an actress (with masters such as Alexander Villeret, Olivier Marchal, Kim Chapiron ...), as a director, but also as author.

Passionate about directing actors, she uses her experience in front of the camera to express, with other faces, what she wants to say and the social issues she wants to highlight.


Filmography :

SKY : 23 selections / 2 awards

WAVES : 17 selections / 1 award

LOVE : 48 selections / 2 award

Director Statement

I wanted to make the public feel, all the violence we lived the last year, with Covid times. The relationship to death, the fear, the anger and the miss of oxygen.


Directed by Sophie Chamoux

Written by Sophie Chamoux

Production Company Kino Caen

Produced by Kino Caen

Cast Marjolaine Pottlitzer
Amayel Ndiaye

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