Grave Talk



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In the small Southern mill town of Greenville, SC, February 1947 a white taxi driver, (Thomas Watson Brown) was found in his taxi miles from town and critically injured hours after picking up a fair, a young black man, (Willie Earle). Police tracked down a suspect, Willie Earle and arrested him. Brown died hours later. Fearing racial repercussions Earle was placed in jail awaiting trial in the small neighboring town of Liberty, SC where he lived. Word leaked out where Earl was being held and within 24 hour a group of mostly Greenville taxi drivers decided to take the law into their own hands. Earle was forcibly taken from the jail in the middle of the night and lynched in the early morning hours by the taxi drivers. The entire group of taxi drivers was tried as a group for the lynching and were all found not guilty. Earle was never given a trial or opportunity to defend himself. The lynching split the small Southern mill town of Greenville, SC in two. The film, Grave Talk addresses the effect this incident had on one Greenville man’s entire life. “The quest for truth can be freeing, it’s not easy and often times very painful. However reconciliation, healing and ultimately a sense of peace and forgiveness can emerge for some people who have been wounded at one level or another by a traumatic event.”

Director - Andrew Huggins


Directed by Andrew Huggins

Written by John Sexton
Donna Whitmore-Sexton
Andrew Huggins


Produced by Donna Whitmore - Sexton
John R Sexton

Cast John R Sexton as "Arvie" ...And THen the Darkness
Yard Sale
Pendulum Swings
Gospel Hill
Apollo Missions as "Willie" Yard Sale Jay Cohen as "Father Tim" ...And Then the Darkness
Yard Sale

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