Gold Digger



Availability ended 11/11/2021 EDT
All's fair in love and war
A wealthy bachelor "f*ccboy" discovers his captivating date is out for more than a good time as their trip into remote country turns apocalyptically dark in more ways than one.

Director Biography - Joey Fingers

Writing for years, never directing until Gold Digger (2021). A much darker, grittier feature version of Gold Digger will be shot in 2022. TV series Monsters in the Dark ready to pitch in 2021.


Directed by Joey Fingers

Written by Joey Fingers

Production Company Fingers & Fists

Produced by Katie Bryan
Brittany Wagner
Derek Vitatoe
Andy Ahrens

Cast Ava Ticotin "Mazzy"
Andy Ahrens "Danny"
Jason Coviello "Hugh"
Margaret Reed "Mother"

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