Distracting Evelyn



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Can romantic love survive isolation?
After months of living under restrictive social guidelines, thirty-something couple, Evelyn and her husband, Will, are driving each other crazy. The life of adventure they promised one another has been replaced by monotonous, repetitive routines and petty annoyances. Will an offer of 'distraction' from a devilish charmer change their path forever?

Director Biography - Francis Castelli

I've worked on a diverse range of high end projects across advertising, documentaries, numerous music videos, the occasional feature film and even art projects - the truth is, I love the magic of turning a script idea into a piece of film. I have been involved in numerous TV campaigns that have won a range of acclaimed advertising awards and the documentary "Nefertiti Resurrected" was nominated for an EMMY.

Director Statement

Trelawney Bresic's script connected with me deeply at a time when the world around us was changing, and our relationships were under more pressure than ever. Her writing inspires hope and reminds us that love is so very precious.

Our collaborative team and attracted a young and up-and-coming cast, who - as you'll see - have done a brilliant job. We were also thrilled when Malcolm McClean (cinematographer 'Oloture') offered to bring his talent and experience to our film.

Our entire cast and crew gave their time and skills so generously to help make a film that we hope will uplift people in these difficult times.


Directed by Francis Castelli

Written by Trelawney Bresic

Production Company Nylander Shaw

Produced by Deborah Shaw
Trelawney Bresic

Cast Scarlett Barrett "Evelyn" Eric Geynes "Will" Jed Shardlow "Tim" Anton Thompson "Brian" Ella Leigh "Samantha"

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