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The hive fights back
German pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG installs a light-hearted mural about bees in the quaint Oakhurst section of Decatur, Georgia. What they hadn't bargained on was the small community’s offshoot conversation and response about the plight of bees, corporate-sponsored murals, a fragile ecology and angry allegations of `greenwashing.’

Director Biography - Ron Harris:

Ron Harris is a journalist for The Associated Press and a first-time director/filmmaker. Ron was born and raised in Northern California and is currently living and working in greater metro Atlanta. As a journalist, Ron's highlights include covering the Napster trial and the birth of distributed file-sharing, exposing the truth about the Grand Theft Auto `Hot Coffee' mod, interviewing Henry Rollins in an RV over coffee, flying into the eye of El Nino in a NOAA hurricane chaser and taking The Donnas to breakfast. He is a winner of the George Polk Award for environmental reporting, the Scripps Howard Award, the Deadline Club Award and the Grantham Prize Award of Special Merit for coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ron completed his first feature-length documentary, "Buzzkill," in 2021, and his next three documentaries are already in production.

Director's statement:

I made this film in hopes that it will narrow the conversation about ecology, corporate messaging and community. Coexistence is possible.


Directed by Ron Harris

Written by Ron Harris

Production Company Westside Films

Produced by Ron Harris

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