Before the Typhoon Comes



Availability ended 11/11/2021 EDT
Out of Sea, In to Life.
The father takes Chen to the beach, but unfortunately there’s a typhoon coming. Chen is determined to swim. In the choppy sea, Chen meets his himself in childhood and tries to have a reconciliation with him.

Director Biography - Chen Yun

Chen Yun, born in 1996 in Zhangzhou, Fujian and now a Beijing based cinematographer & director. Chen Yun graduated from Beijing Film Academy and from 2016, has shot films, commercials and documentaries.

Director Statement

The meaning of time exists in some particular moments, and the fact of time passing itself. In the story Before the Typhoon Comes, a premature boy feels restless when facing his parents’s divorce. The feeling follows him from the childhood to adulthood, and finally released on the beach. His story, and the story that he told himself take places in different dimensions of time, which is the truth of life, and the fact of subjectivity for everyone.


Directed by Chen Yun

Written by Chen Yun

Production Company SuaAo Film Co

Produced by Chen Yun

Cast Li Haoze
Lin Huihuang

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