While Away



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
A father, a son, a broken relationship and a chance. “While Away” follows AJ (Merritt Vann) and his son, Michael (Matthew Merritt), when they meet for the first time in nine years. Their relationship has always been rocky, with their perceived differences always driving a wedge between them. Can they find a path forward or is it too late?

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Director Biography - Daljit Kalsi

Daljit Kalsi is an Emmy-nominated digital media journalist and an award-winning independent filmmaker from Greenville, SC.
He has directed two feature films and a handful of shorts, which have been showcased in film festivals across the world.

Director Statement

I have always loved films about fathers and sons, particularly ones about their rocky relationships. This film is a nod to those, with strong performances all around, and little moments that anyone with either a father or a son can relate to.


Directed by Daljit Kalsi

Written by Daljit Kalsi

Produced by Erik Olsen
Daljit Kalsi
Merritt Vann

Cast Merritt Vann
Matthew Merritt
Chantey Colet

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