The Twelve Thousand



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Human Rights & Dignity
The true story of a child lured from Nepal and sold in India. She's not the only one.

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Director Biography - Eric Davis

This project is a collaboration between Producer, Randy Watson (left), and Writer/Director Eric Davis (right).

Randy’s vision for the film is fuelled by a passion to eradicate human slavery and call others to partner in providing safety, education and opportunity to women and children in vulnerable situations.

Eric brings his visual and narrative storytelling experience to his role with his production company, Veto Studios Inc. to create the film. This project fulfills his calling in life to help connect and bring a voice to people without one.

Director Statement

Dear Fellow Filmmakers,
12,000 kids every year are trafficked from Nepal into India and enslaved in prostitution. I can’t think of anything more important in this world than helping them. It was the greatest honour of my life to be a part of the crew that told this story. It was incredible. At the end of production, I was surrounded by 40 young girls as they prayed for me. It was extraordinarily humbling. They gave me perspective on what’s important, and what’s not.

This film we’ve made is giving survivors a voice. It's a true story of a trafficked girl acted entirely by survivors and filmed in Kathmandu. Recorded in Nepalese, the film will be a powerful prevention tool for children and families. In partnership with a non-profit in Nepal, the donations this film raises will help make new care facilities a possibility. In the last 20 years, they have created trafficking prevention programs for over 300,000 people and rescued 600 children.

Life changing restoration is possible. We’ve seen through the true story of our protagonist’s life and hundreds of other redeemed survivors. Children should be able to grow up in safety and freedom. - Eric Davis


Directed by Eric Davis

Written by Eric Davis

Produced by Randy Watson
Jamie Delaine Watson
Tommy Cole
Bikash Ojha

Cast Sita Napali

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