The Traffic Stop



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Deputy Davis thought he was initiating a routine traffic stop, but the erratic driver Chris Stevens had something else in mind, staying alive! Dealing with anxiety, Chris becomes unresponsive causing the weary Deputy to escalate the situation.

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Director Biography - Johnny Campbell

Johnny Ray Campbell is a general contractor and part-time filmmaker based out of Columbia South Carolina. As a professional performer, singer/songwriter and recording artist in the '80s and '90s, Johnny developed an interest in film-making while writing and directing audio and video commercials for local radio and television. In 2014, Johnny started writing, producing, and directing “how-to videos” building a small following on YouTube with the goal of becoming a good filmmaker. Johnny founded the Community Film & Talent Network – cftn sc to bring talented people with the same interest together which led to him becoming 1st AD on the 2018 feature film “Test” taking him another step closer to his goal of creating better films. He is also credited with Casting, Locations, Special Effects, MUA, and Executive Producer working with others gathering experience within the community along the way. Johnny is an actor and master of disguises, but his main passion is film-making and storytelling. As writer, producer, and director of “The Traffic Stop”, this is the first film Johnny has submitted to festivals.

Director Statement

I seem to think your best work is done alongside other talented people you love and respect having the same interest and goals.


Directed by Johnny Campbell

Written by Johnny Campbell

Produced by Johnny Campbell

Cast Merritt Vann
Zari Rice
Vanzell Haire

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