The Sound of Silence



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Dominika Kulczyk together with Kulczyk Foundation travels to the Nyabihu Demonstration School for the Deaf in Rwanda, where deaf and hearing-impaired children learn both the sign language and school knowledge, and also acquire skills that are crucial in everyday life. Not only are they given a chance to have a life that they dream of, but more importantly they are given a chance to have dreams at all. In this documentary, we learn the story of new pupils that start attending the Nyabihu Demonstration School for the Deaf – Eric and Kevine. We witness touching scenes: children, thanks to the hearing aids, hear the so far unheard voices of their parents, and say the words “mom” and “dad” for the very first time. What used to be impossible for them is now becoming possible.

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Director Biography - Marek Kłosowicz, Dariusz Twaróg

Marek Klosowicz is graduate of a Lodz Film School, Poland. He has participated in many expeditions to Asia and Africa. He has authored a number of documentary films for Discovery History, Canal + Discovery, and TVN. He has also directed several documentary films for the Discovery Channel, including: "In the Shade of the Reactor", "Wloszczowa-Faithful to the Cross" as well as the "Himalayist" series, which have been shown numerous times at film festivals both in Poland and abroad. He also created the documentary series "Student's Show", which details the happy history of the most known Polish student clubs. He is the director of the documentary film "The ghost people", which received Golden Nymph Award at Monte Carlo Television Film Festival. He's authored one of the most popular mountaineering films "Art of freedom". He has also co-written the screenplay and produced the TVN feature films "Mój biegun" / "My Pole" and "Cisza" / "Silence". The screenplay for "Silence" made it to the final of the 2009 edition of the Hartley Merrill competition. Now he's a producer and director of documentary series "Domino Effect".


Directed by Marek Kłosowicz
Dariusz Twaróg

Written by Marek Kłosowicz

Produced by Marek Kłosowicz

Cast Dominika Kulczyk

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