The Girl in the Jeep



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Available on 10/9/2020 7pm
A small town life of 75 year old retired teacher seems empty and mundane. Everything changes when he meets a woman, whom he saves from fired up bandits. In that moment his past and present gain some meaning.

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Director Biography - Alexey Zuev

Born in Leningrad on January 28, 1968.
In 1990, he studied at the acting school in Arnhem (Holland).
From 1993 to 1998, he played in the theaters of Oleg Tabakov and Oleg Efremov.
In 1995, he played the main role in the film "Tsarevich Alexey" and received the first prize of the film festival "Window to Europe Film Festival "(1997) in the category "Best actor".
He has played more than 30 film roles: "Moscow Saga", "Empire under attack", "More important than love", "Mata Hari" and others.

In 2013, with the charitable foundations "Nash dom" and "Hochu verit'", he organized the shooting of the documentary "The right to mother" - a film about orphanages and children left without parental care, their lives and destinies.

In 2019 - writer and Director of two short feature films " Meeting. Through the eyes of angels."and "A girl in the jeep", which won the first prize of the festival "Hrustalniy Istochnik -MovieStart" 2019.


Directed by Alexey Zuev

Written by Alexey Zuev

Produced by Alexey Zuev

Cast Mikhail Zhigalov
Vera Romanova

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