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Available on 10/11/2020
An old man spends the day wandering the streets of Istanbul. He communicates with the trees and seagulls rather than other people. All day, he checks the ATMs to find change like a child, even though he does not own an ATM card. He gets happy when he finds money and indignant when he doesn’t. For the old man, life is like a game that has remained from his childhood. And the sycamore leaves are a part of this innocent game.

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Director Biography - Mehmet Tığlı

Mehmet Tığlı was born in İstanbul in 1970. He graduated from Marmara University in 1991. He completed cinema courses at İFSAK in 1989. He won best screenplay awards of Orhon Murat Arıburnu National Art Awards in 1992 and 1993. Mehmet Tığlı is also Marketing and Communication lecturer at Marmara University since 1993.

His first short film ‘Twin Stars-İkiz Yıldızlar’ was shot in June, 2016. 'Twin Stars' was officially selected to 59 international festivals and won 22 awards. His second film High Calorie-Yüksek Kalori was selected to 45 international festivals and won 24 awards. His third short film A Ferry Tale-Bir Vapur Masalı was officially selected to 110 international festivals and won 49 awards. His fourth film Spizella was officially selected to 112 festivals and won 60 awards.

Director Statement

I strongly believe in the power of independent and low-budget movies. I usually write my stories from the real life's testimonials. Life is cinema...


Directed by Mehmet Tigli

Written by Mehmet Tigli

Produced by Erkan Simsir

Cast Mahmut Gokgoz
Baris Aksavas
Sefa Turan

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