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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
A comet fragment hits a city, spewing vile poisons. A Dark Lady sows death within apartment blocks. A girl, who sells drugs for a living, struggles to keep her life from falling apart in the midst of a disintegrating world.

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Director Biography - Richard Lu Jia Wellershoff

Richard Lu Jia Wellershoff is a 24 year old Chinese-German director, writer, and actor from Singapore. Having begun his acting and directing career in Theatre, he has since shifted his sights to filmmaking in Berlin, Germany. Having lived and worked across Singapore, Indonesia, America, and Germany, his works centralise themselves upon themes of isolation, displacement, and a sense of in-betweenness experienced by individuals torn between different cultures.

Strata marks his first foray into the realm of film direction.

Director Statement

There is a loneliness that pervades every asset of modern life. Something about living in the 21st century comes with a sense of weight - a pull of melancholia that comes with the knowledge that everywhere that you are is alien to you, is indifferent to you because home is a thing more often lost than found.

This particular weight can be felt most thoroughly by individuals displaced from the moorings of their day to day lives, be it by choice, or by factors outside of their control.

Strata concerns itself with this weight, with this quiet, smothering mass, building around the focus of a single soul. Dust sifting down on rafters. Eggs filling with venomous yolk. Comets falling from space because even angels indifferent cannot resist gravity any longer.

It doesn't take much.


Directed by Richard Lu Jia Wellershoff

Written by Richard Lu Jia Wellershoff

Produced by Ziyan 'Zi' Zhou

Cast Anais Urban
Maryan Bartilla
Marcello Rodriguez

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