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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Reece; a closeted college football captain, struggles with the toxic behaviors of his teammates, and those behaviors bleeding into his relationship with his partner and fellow teammate, Beau.

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Director Biography - Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith is from New Bern, North Carolina. He also attended Kadena High School in Okinawa, Japan where he lived for 4 years. Upon returning the United States, Zachary enrolled in Craven Community College and worked towards an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. After his time there Zachary then went on to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for a Bachelors Degree in Fine arts with a concentration in Filmmaking.


Directed by Zachary Smith

Written by Zachary Smith

Produced by Zachary Smith
Travis Stewart

Cast Cam’Ron Stewart
Sean Stack
David Johnson III
Sam Sherman
Jacob Moskovitz

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