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Day 745 of the nationwide quarantine continues.

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Director Biography - Brook North

Brook North is an actor/writer/producer/director - more or less in that order. Very active in the Raleigh, NC theatre community, he has slowly been expanding his work to include writing, production, and directing on both stage and screen. SHELTER is the first film he has written, produced, and directed.

Director Statement

The idea for SHELTER came to me in the early days of the pandemic, drinking my morning coffee on the porch.
Our area of the country had gone under a full "shelter at home" order. I was overwhelmed by a the feeling of isolation. Each day seemed to blur into the next. Monotony and routine quickly became part of my given circumstances. Unquestioned. It also struck me as oddly funny. I had bought food. I was working from home. I hadn't been anywhere but around my block for a week. I could literally be living in a bubble.
I also saw how this idea could be done completely under a quarantine. I would have to rely on trusted friends - actors and artists - to film their own segments on their own equipment while I provided virtual direction. Because of advances in digital technology, the technical capacity was there. And because of my long history working in the Raleigh acting community, I was blessed with friends who were great actors and were able to pull it off.
SHELTER is an idea born of and completely shot during a quarantine. It is my hope that SHELTER captures some of the essence of my experience, and that by sharing it, my feelings might resonate with those of others. Maybe in sharing our experiences of isolation, we can actually feel more connected.


Directed by Brook North

Written by Brook North

Produced by Brook North

Cast Brook North
Byron Jennings II
Scarlett Blum
Rebecca Blum

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