Shaw Rising



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Shaw, the oldest black university in the South, rises from the Civil War, segregation and the Civil Rights Movement to confront the future of education and social justice in America.

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Director Biography - Tim Finkbiner

Tim Finkbiner is an Emmy-award winning producer and documentary filmmaker with more than 30 years years experience. He is Chief Production Officer for Horizon Productions in Durham, North Carolina. His documentary films, which have aired on PBS, the History Channel, WORLD Channel and other outlets nationwide, focus primarily on topics of history and social justice. He won regional Emmy Awards for his work on North Carolina: Birth of a Colony and Washington National Cathedral.

Director Statement

As a longtime resident of Raleigh, NC, I had heard of Shaw University, but knew little about it's history. Originally conceived as a documentary short to commemorate its 150th anniversary, Shaw Rising tells the inspiring story of the founding and growth of the school, the challenges it faced under Jim Crow, and the important role that HBCUs played in the Civil Rights movement and continue to play in America today. At a time when there is so much division in our country, the passion and pride of Shaw's students and alumni remind us both how far we've come and how far we've yet to go.


Directed by Tim Finkbiner

Written by Hal Goodtree
Tim Finkbiner

Produced by Hal Goodtree
Tim Finkbiner

Cast David C. Forbes
Honorable Bob Etheridge
Dr. Crystal deGregory
Dr. Katherine Mellon-Charron
Michael Lomax
John Lucas
Erich Pfaltzer
Fritz Ballard
Rev. Nilous Avery
Carolyn Ennis
Paulette Dillard
Jordan Galloway

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