Sea Salt Wind



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Sea Salt Wind tells the story of a mysterious young lady riding around a landlocked city on a bike with a surfboard. She is serving a self made penance, while working in a food truck with a father figure, after her passionate romance went wrong.

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Director Biography - Zack Fox

Zack Fox is a Winston-Salem, NC based photographer, cinematographer and filmmaker. As the co-founder of Scarlette Fox Wedding Films he’s shot and edited countless weddings. He’s recently retired from weddings to focus fully on his filmmaking and photography career. Recently, he has served as the cinematographer on Trouble Will Cause and Uncle Otto’s Truck for Wreak Havoc Productions. He just completed post-production on his new film, Sea Salt Wind, where he served as Writer, Director and Cinematographer. Zack is a graduate of REDucation from RED Digital Cameras.

Director Statement

I am so glad to finish this passion project that is ‘Sea Salt Wind’.
4 years ago I was in Honolulu and saw a sad looking surfer girl riding a bicycle with a surfboard mounted to it. She was riding in the middle of the city skyscrapers. The thought of, ‘What if’ there wasn’t an ocean on the other side of the skyscrapers hit me. This thought stuck with me for years and was the basis and foundation of this film. The film is about mistakes, love, flawed people and penance.


Directed by Zack Fox

Written by Zack Fox

Produced by Dan Sellers
Sammie Cassell
Zack Fox

Cast Arianna Tysinger
Jeff May
Clancy Miranda Smith

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