Saving Skylab: America's First Space Station



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Science, Space, Manufacturing, Engineering
Saving Skylab is a short documentary telling the story of how the first American space station was saved from catastrophe with a little help from an electric lineman's tool manufacturer in Centralia, Missouri.

Included with

Director Biography - Matt Alsup, Wes Pellerin

Matt Alsup (left) is a director, art director, marketing manager currently living in Columbia, South Carolina. Matt is a graduate of the University of South Carolina's Visual Art program and has worked on many commercial and marketing productions in the past. He currently is the digital marketing manager for Hubbell Utility Solutions, Power Systems division. Matt will continue to look for ways to tell engaging stories through different types of media.

Wes Pellerin (right) is a filmmaker, musician, and digital media specialist, currently employed by Hubbell Utility Solutions, Power Systems division. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and daughter. Wes has a passion for storytelling and the visual arts.

Director Statement

It was an honor and a privilege to have been able to capture this story of collaboration and perseverance. Our initial goal was to preserve this story for our company for generations to come. We quickly found out that the Skylab missions have been somewhat overlooked by history so our scope for the project grew. Our hope is that the story reflects the abilities of humans when everyone works together for a common goal. - Matt Alsup


Directed by Matt Alsup
Wes Pellerin

Produced by Matt Alsup
Crystal Mistretta

Cast David Hitt
Charles Lewis
Bill Bosch
Marvin McKelvey

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