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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Animation, Feature, Student, Web / New Media - Action, Drama, Coming Of Age, Romance, Stop motion, LGBT
In a world where 96% of the population are forced in a state of grueling work, starvation and are denied their humanity, two young revolutionaries whose parents have been stolen by the government find each other, fall in love and journey on a quest to change the world.

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Director Biography - Sydney Satalino

Fifteen-year-old Sydney Satalino has won many awards and fans around the world with the films she directs, writes and produces. Over six years, she has worked on many different projects, including short stopmotion films with her American Girl dolls, a music video for her sister, a fan short based on the ‘Madoka Magica’ anime, a webseries ‘Codename Sailor V’ based on the manga by the creator of Sailor Moon, many screenplays and ‘Rebelle’, a feature-length dystopian action-drama starring her dolls. With her filmmaking, she likes to draw inspiration from real-life concepts and apply them in a unique way. From her experience living with autism, type 1 diabetes and scoliosis, Sydney believes that there needs to be more positive representation of disabled people in media, so she makes an effort to feature three-dimensional characters with disabilities in her work. She has won many competitions, including the Reel Girls Film Festival and Charlotte Student Film Festival.

Director Statement

It’s unconventional for a fifteen year old girl to already have a long movie on her hands. It’s even stranger that it’s made with dolls, and even stranger than that is the plot compared to other American Girl videos that I’ve watched in the past, with titles such as Mermaid Cove and Ballerina. But filmmaking is what I love to do!

I’ve been making stop-motion videos with my American Girl dolls for six years now, and I’ve made some short films before that I’m not particularly proud of. Sure, they had some good points like anti-bullying and disability acceptance, but one day I realized that I wanted to push the boundaries that I set for myself. So I got out this movie’s script, one I was working on in hopes I’d make it with real people one day, and started polishing it.

Even though I’ve never been a Server (thank goodness!), I’ve been hurt before a lot. I have autism, diabetes and scoliosis, my divorced parents fight a lot, and I’ve been bullied for both my disabilities and my strange interests. The setting might be different from real life, but what I hope viewers take away from Rebelle is that even if you may have struggles, you can harness your strengths and the love in your heart to push back and find happiness.


Directed by Sydney Satalino

Written by Sydney Satalino

Produced by Sydney Satalino

Cast Kierra Marie
Sydney Satalino
Brianna Volinski
Sierra Jean
Denise Marie
Mikayla Smith
Paris Merritt
Pranjal Mishra
Dalton Mackey
Kimylah Caputo

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