Prom 2019



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
A high school senior named Travis finds himself alone on the evening of Prom after being ditched by his friends because he doesn't have a date. At first he pretends not to care, but after seeing a photo of him and his friends when he was young he gives in to his self-pity and starts to drink. While a little bit drunk he puts on a suit and looks at himself in the mirror pretending to ask a girl he likes to dance with him, but he soon gives up and falls down. Later, he's drunk enough to where he closes his eyes and starts to dance in his room pretending he's at prom. He starts to lose track of what's real or not as he hears a knock at his door. Upon answering it he sees his own self staring back at him who then viciously attacks him by strangling him to death. This alternate version of Travis sits over him and explains he failed both of them because he wasn't confident and was too weak. He then tells Travis that he will be taking over. A much more confident Travis now stands in the mirror and aks the girl he likes to Prom. It ends without any sort of answer to what really actually happened.

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Director Biography - Emile Rizzo-Banks

Emile Rizzo-Banks is a 16-year-old high school student from Asheville, North Carolina. He is studying film and digital design and wants to continue his film studies at a dedicated university like the NC School of the Arts, after which he plans to pursue a filmmaking career however he can. His directorial credits include the independent films "Prom 2019", "The Death of Irving Sandoval", and "Dark Forest; Keep Silent".

Director Statement

I don't think I've ever struggled with a writing idea as much as I have with this movie. This was probably due to the fact that I was trying to balance an original idea with a story everyone can relate to. Everyone's dealt with social exclusion and isolation. But I get that some of the other things in this movie are quite strange for normal audiences.

I went back and forth on this idea far too many times, trying to work everything out. And when we started shooting, I still didn't have the conclusive idea I'd wanted.

So now after countless hours of editing, different cuts, and going more off of feeling rather than logic, I'm finally able to say I have that conclusion, that closure; and of course, that feeling of being proud of the film I've created.


Directed by Emile Rizzo-Banks

Written by Emile Rizzo-Banks
Donner Rizzo-Banks

Produced by Emile Rizzo-Banks

Cast Donner Rizzo-Banks

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