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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Human Rights & Dignity
Challenging the stereotype of a drug dealer. Overdosed highlights the troubling turmoil of the deadly American opioid crisis as it unfolds in the small town of Petersburg in rural West Virginia, the state hardest hit by this epidemic. Through interviews with former drug dealers, over-prescribing doctors, DEA agents and local community members, Mary Sue Connolly uncovers a shocking narrative of the pharmaceutical industry’s intentional plan to target opioid sales to an impoverished, under-served community and the resulting addiction, prison and overdose cycles of its citizens. Overdosed provides viewers access to the corporate, profit-driven dark side of this crisis, while revealing the core humanity of its survivors. The documentary exposes key elements about the rapid progress of this deadly epidemic, and the ways communities are now coping with its destruction.

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Director Biography - Mary Sue Connolly



Mary Sue Connolly is an Irish-born filmmaker and video editor who has worked as an Editor/Producer for CNN’s New York bureau as an Editor at CBS Television Distribution. During her time at CBS, Mary Sue edited numerous award-winning investigative reports, including the Exceptional Merit in Media Awards, the National Headliner Award, the Clarion Award and the National Press Club Award.

Mary Sue put her television career on hiatus to produce OVERDOSED, a feature-length documentary which grew out of her family’s direct, personal experience with the opioid epidemic. She serves as Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor on this film.

She lives with her young daughter, Méibhin, and the family divides time between County Waterford, Ireland and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Director Statement

This project came to be through a very tragic incident that turned my life upside down. I was catapulted into this world through the loss of someone very dear to me at the tender age of 21. He was my nephew, but I loved him more like a brother. Such was my personal devastation that the only way I could move forward in life was to get justice for Paul and the only tool I could use was my camera, in an attempt to put a human face on this catastrophic epidemic.


Directed by Mary Sue Connolly

Produced by William Zwers
Breanne McUlty
Mary Sue Connolly

Cast Breanne McUlty
Guy McCartney
Jennifer Jellerson
Kevin Bowman
Mary Sue Connolly

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