Or (Someone) Else



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Or (Someone) Else is a psychological thriller about a woman struggling to break free from an abusive relationship and the powerful mental health ramifications of her repressed anger.

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Director Biography - Caroline Rose Giuliani

Caroline Rose Giuliani is originally from New York City. Caroline began as a PA for several TV series: ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, Trophy Wife, and HBO's Hello Ladies. She then worked as assistant to Steve Beeks, Co-COO and Co-President of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, and transitioned to The Gotham Group management company, assisting the Head of Television, Jeremy Bell and serving as Television Coordinator. Then finally, she worked for Gotham's founder/CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, who quickly moved Caroline to run her own office and become a junior manager. She went on to be the Director's Assistant on Jennifer Kaytin Robinson's Netflix film Someone Great, and has since been writing, acting, and directing full-time. Caroline holds a B.A. in Film Production from Harvard University. www.CarolineRoseGiuliani.com

Director Statement

Or (Someone) Else was born out of the notion that repression is often at the root of toxic, violent behavior. It is an idea that is personal to me, and one that I was forced to confront after emerging from two abusive relationships. In those relationships, I silenced myself––my emotions, my anger, my pain, my whole sense of being. When I finally began to find my own voice again, I experienced something unexpected: my internal dialogue advising me to “be tough” and stand up for myself manifested in stereotypically “masculine” ways that were disturbingly reflective of my abusers' risky behavior. This newfound internal “guidance” frequently put me in even more danger. The journey to finding my own authentic identity and expressions of strength and resilience was harrowing, and making this film was a way of confronting and reflecting upon that difficult time in my life. While this is a female driven story (executed by a female heavy crew), it is my hope that Or (Someone) Else will serve as a cautionary tale while speaking to people everywhere — in their relationships and everyday lives — looking to regain their own voice and power.


Directed by Caroline Rose Giuliani

Written by Caroline Rose Giuliani

Produced by Jeremy Scott Glenn
Krenee Tolson

Cast Emily Althaus
Peter Vack
Brennan Keel Cook
Marcello Arguello

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