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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
psychological thriller, drama
The conscience of a married therapist is put under pressure by the thrilling confession of a seductive female client. Will he keep his distance or does he fall for her temptation?

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Director Biography - Rudi Brekelmans

Rudi Brekelmans (1977) is a Dutch writer/director. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in screenwriting from the Dutch Film Academy in 2004 he writes a series of short films, defined by self-created adversity for the main character. Whether purely psychological, as in Fata Morgana by Frodo Kuipers or by antagonizing the wrong person, as in To Catch a Fly by Sanne Kortooms, the resulting conflict usually drives them over the edge of sanity. He co-wrote Bullet Time by Frodo Kuipers, which became the 2018 Dutch entry for the Academy Awards in the 'Animated Shorts' category. In 2019 Rudi released his directorial debut Medulla, a dark and claustrophobic psychological thriller in black and white about a married psychiatrist who develops an unhealthy obsession for a seductive female client.


Directed by Rudi Brekelmans

Written by Rudi Brekelmans

Produced by Rudi Brekelmans

Cast Michaël Pas
Astrid van Eck
Christine van Stralen
Frieda Pittoors
Melody Klaver
Huub Smit
Bart Oomen
Jente Claus
Ilse de Koe
Ariane van Vliet
Rogier Schippers
Eugenie van Huijgevoort

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