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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
In search of a cure for his fatal illness Mickey takes a cross country road trip with his best friend Natalie in hopes of gaining a medical miracle from an old Cherokee medicine man.

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Director Biography - Ashleigh Chavis


Ashleigh Marie Chavis is a writer, director, and professional makeup artist currently living in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children. At 37 years old she already has 22 years of film and television production under her belt. From the ages of 15 – 18 she worked in the summers and during school breaks and holidays as a production assistant on local commercials and talk shows.
After graduating high school she took a full time position as an assistant to an executive producer at a tv studio in Charlotte. After two years in that position she went back into the freelance world where she has stayed since 2002. In 2007 at the age of 25 she was looking to gain more experience and opportunity within her industry and met make-up artist Jeannie Fry. With absolutely zero experience in makeup Jeannie took Ashleigh under her wing and put her to work right away, training her in color theory, set etiquette for makeup artists, and how to network within the local makeup community.
In 2009 Ashleigh got hired as a makeup assistant for her first feature film called “The Trial” starring Matthew Modine and Robert Forster. For the next two years she worked on over a dozen independent feature films and joined IATSE Local 798 in the Fall of 2011. Since then Ashleigh has worked as a Makeup Department Head, Key Makeup Artist, or Additional Makeup Artist on over 45 feature films including “Black Panther”, “Masterminds”, “Keeping Up With the Joneses”, and “American Animals”, and television series including “Stranger Things”, “Reckless”, “Shots Fired”, and “24 Legacy”. In 2015 she was nominated for a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Guild Award for Best Contemporary Makeup for her work on the ABC series “Reckless”.
Although makeup has given Ashleigh a multitude of opportunities to travel and have a great career she has always missed her time working on the production side of things, and even more so, she was looking for ways to get her own stories out into the world. Having written many short stories and short/feature film scripts over the years simply as a hobby, Ashleigh decided to try her hand at directing and began producing her own short films in 2015. Currently she has written, directed, and produced 3 short films and hopes to not only keep doing makeup for some of Hollywood’s A-list actors, but also continue having opportunities to write, direct, and create stories of her own for the world to enjoy.


Directed by Ashleigh Chavis

Written by Ashleigh Chavis

Produced by Ashleigh Chavis

Cast Stefanie Butler
Isaiah Stratton

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