Karma's Shadow



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Drama, Thriller, Action
LOGLINE: Titanic forces clash in an epic Take-all battle for control of illicit trade in New York City. "Karma's Shadow is really fu#%ing good!!!" —SEBASTIAN TWARDOSZ, Professor @ USC Cinema, Partner @ Circus Road Films, Host of THE INSIDERS on YouTube Won *BEST FILM* and *BEST DIRECTOR*, world premiering at the 13th Tupelo Film Festival, April 16th, 2016. Iowa premiere with 3 screenings held at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (JDIFF) in Dubuque, IA, April 21 - 23, 2016. Only 22 short-films from over 400 entries were selected. JDIFF was voted one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine; JDIFF in 2016 awarded over $40,000 in cash prizes. THE STORY John "JW" Walker (played by R. Keith Harris) serves a tour in Vietnam, forging what will be lifelong bonds with fellow US soldier, Billy Preston (played by Michael Rosander). Here too he discovers both love and tragedy: the beautiful, young Vietnamese woman, Lan, filled his dreams, and her young son, Vu, lifted the weight of war from his shoulders. But when a mortar blast removes JW from the fight, he is forced to leave both behind to a cruel fate. Years pass. It is 1982, and the now 'Agent' John Walker chances upon the trail of a master criminal recently arrived in New York's Vietnamese community. Vu, having been raised as a son by the ruthless gangster, Tien, has come to settle business. John and Vu, once nearly father and son, cross paths and bring the past full circle to the present, just as titanic forces, criminal and governmental, foreign and domestic, clash in an epic take-all battle for control of illicit trade in New York City.

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Director Biography - Rob Underhill

ROB UNDERHILL is a film and TV director, producer, writer and editor. His films have been in competition at over 200 film festivals worldwide, including ST. LOUIS and SEATTLE (both *Academy Award-qualifying* film festivals), OAXACA (Mexico), SUNSCREEN (Academy-sponsored) and CANNES (France), have received over 100 awards including for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and have scored rave reviews from top film critics like Mark Bell of FILM THREAT and Anne Brodie in CRITICIZE THIS! Featured on the National Public Radio shows, THE STATE OF THINGS with Frank Stasio and THE STORY with Dick Gordon, Rob’s work is regularly subject in newspapers, radio, TV-news and more. His work has received endorsements from major public figures such as US UN Ambassador Andrew Young, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and former North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue. Carolina STYLE Magazine recognized Rob as one of 25 "Most Stylish People" influencing positive change in the Carolinas through his films. He is a RAWards Indie Art Award recipient for Best Regional Filmmaker. He was the featured Speaker at the 2015 graduation commencement exercises for the Department of English at North Carolina State University. His work has aired on the ASPiRE network and other national US and European TV outlets. Visit his website at www.RobUnderhill.com; *like* his Facebook for regular updates at www.facebook.com/RobUnderhillProductions.


Directed by Rob Underhill

Written by Allen Gies
Shawn Nguyen

Produced by Rob Underhill
Aravind Ragupathi
Shawn Nguyen
Logan Curtis

Cast Michael Rosander
R. Keith Harris

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