It's Called Revenge



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Horror, Suspense, thriller
After Annie dies in an "accident," her friends decide to bury her body to hide the evidence. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

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Director Biography - Michelle Burger

After acting in several films as a child, Michelle discovered that she was more interested in the joys of operating behind the camera, and began to produce her own movies. Now entering her senior year of high school, Michelle is already an award-winning filmmaker with several short films to her credit and an impressive educational background in film production.

Michelle's first major endeavor was "RUN," a 12-minute thriller that she wrote, produced and directed in the summer of 2018. "RUN" was selected for over a dozen film festivals nationwide and won awards for Best HS Suspense Movie, Best HS Horror Movie, and Best HS Film Producer. More recently, Michelle wrote, produced and directed "It's Called Revenge," a short horror film which was released in July 2020. She also worked as cinematographer on "Do You Believe in Magic?", a short comedy which was released in 2019 and has been selected for several film festivals.

Michelle is entering her senior year at Bergen County Academies High School in New Jersey, where she studies Theater. She studied film at the prestigious UCLA Digital Filmmaking Program in the summer of 2019, as well as studying cinematic technique at NYU in the spring of 2020. At her high school, she founded the Make-a-Movie Film Club, where she has overseen the creation of several short films and spearheaded the school's involvement in the NJ 10-day Film Challenge, among other events.

Michelle aspires toward a career in filmmaking, as she loves taking her ideas and translating them into "reality" on the big screen.

Director Statement

Almost every film arises from some kind of inspiration, whether it be a grandiose idea, a seminal work of fiction, a major historical figure, an earth-changing event, or some other larger-than-life influence.

The inspiration for "It's Called Revenge" was... a bunny mask.

My friend Jordan and I had decided to write a horror screenplay together, but we were having the hardest time coming up with any ideas. One day, while scrolling through Pinterest, I came upon something that made me stop dead in my (scrolling) tracks. It was a picture of an eery, twisted-looking bunny mask. It scared the crap out of me. And I knew right away that it was going to play a major role in our film....

Soon, the entire world of "It's Called Revenge" was envisioned and created -- with the help of my high school theater friends, who are both highly talented and extremely tolerant (including consenting to be buried up to their necks in sand!). I really like the mood of "It's Called Revenge," because, like a bunny mask, even though it's scary, it also likes to be playful at times.

"It's Called Revenge" almost never saw the light of day, as it was beset by technical problems, including lost footage and the death of a once-beloved computer. But in the end, perseverance paid off! Aside from the few glitches along the way, everyone involved had a killer time making "It's Called Revenge"! I hope that the audience will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed producing it!


Directed by Michelle Burger
Jordan Orlando

Written by Michelle Burger
Jordan Orlando

Produced by Michelle Burger

Cast Jordan Lavalle
Kayla Williams
Colton Maurer
Michael Salmon
Viena Aiello
James Burger
Michelle Burger

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