In My Mind



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Emma experiences her relationship in retrospect from a moment of betrayal, questioning how she perceives her position in the world.

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Director Biography - Daniel Carrai

Hey! My name is Daniel Carrai. I am a director devoted to creating engaging experiences through film.

I believe that as humans we are all unique. However, no matter how distinct, our commonality is our humanity. It fascinates me to see people from all walks of life participate in a shared experience.

My passion is to create those moments for all people to engage with and walk away from changed. To use creativity and technology to impact people on their journey.

Director Statement

In My Mind identifies struggles that all humans face: How do we trust fallible people? What do we do when the head and the heart are at odds? How are we to react when we make the right decisions but the outcome seems wrong?

In all humility, I don't know. Life often asks us questions that don't have a ‘right’ answer. I pray this film helps motivate an exploration in a new direction—a direction that has helped me find abundant life in the midst of struggle.


Directed by Daniel Carrai

Written by Daniel Carrai
Nathan Wyatt

Produced by Marybeth DIngles
Jacob Harding

Cast Lani Randol
Nathan Wyatt

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