In Lieu of Honor



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Sometimes the battle is within ourselves. After receiving bad news at the doctor’s office, veteran Frank Chapman crosses paths with a complete stranger that will change their lives forever.

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Director Biography - Coco Bermudez

Peruvian director and photographer Coco Bermudez began his exploration with film at a very early age. Coming from a family of trained musicians and accomplished painters Coco’s directorial work is often regarded as emotional and strong in artistic composition, and music sensibility. His personal approach to capture real moments and intimate quirky performances has drawn the attention of many national brands. Coco has directed countless commercials, music videos and award winning shorts. When ask to described himself in a sentence he candidly smiles and says "Coco Bermudez • Peruvian Filmmaker • Photographer of Absurdity • Dreamer of Awesomeness”


Directed by Coco Bermudez

Written by Mary Rachel Quinn

Produced by Kerri Bermudez
Mary Rachel Quinn
Rus Blackwell

Cast Rus Blackwell
Mary Rachel Quinn

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