I, Help Me



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Drama, Crime
Attention: First two minutes of film are in dark. But do not worry, Detective Voice will bring you right in the spot of everything. (Best with headphones). For festival purposes we will send 5v1 surround film. Logline What would you do if you find yourself face to face with your own fears, worries, dreams and wishes. Could you talk to your saviour and be honest? Or would you just throw away every information the universe gives us? Pitch MISS TARAKA finds herself in the middle of an interrogation of every crime she committed. Confused about where they got all of the evidence, she starts to think she leaked the information herself. Her bad, her diligent and her marvel side begin internal struggle about whether to confess and with that end the suffering now or fight with her demons till the end. Synopsis We are put in place of our protagonist MISS TARAKA in the moment of her first interaction with the athorities. We can only hear them and just imagine the room, detectives face, and suroundings of the interigation. When the time comes to show the story, Miss Taraka speaks to us through third-person cinematic picture, where we find out exectly what happened in her past. In the moment of her decision to confess we are thrown face to face with her. And ourselfs. As all of us, Miss Taraka is struggeling to make sense of her life, feelings and time we have on this planet. It all comes down to the question of fear. Fear of death, life, and our mind. Even in the early stages of our life, as kids, we start formulating patterns of behaviour that dictate our personalities later on. Not a day goes by that we do not have new suppresions to deal with. But most of us just turn away and let it burn our insides till we go mad or break down. In the moments like this we have to pick ourselfs up and dust off, keeping in mind we are far from the beggining. Wishfull thinking that we can stand on two feet and start over right away. We have to clean our past, be good to our heart and learn to get our soul kneeling befor taking the new day walking. The story of Miss Taraka is the story we all know. In the blackness of her mind we are looking at our deepest thoughts and get to know her end. Eather end of a begining or the end of her wanting forward.

Included with

Director Biography - Borij Levski

Borij Levski, born in April, is a Slovenian producer working on his debut short film ”I, Help Me” (as director) filmed in Ljubljana. Studies like Philosophy and Naval Architecture with support of his musical and marketing family slowly navigated him to filmmaking.
In early stages he produced many TV and web ads with his Leones Studio team. On one of the campaigns director dropped out at the last minute so Levski got the taste of directing.
From that point on he come to write and direct many projects and films that are in post- or pre-production waiting to follow his first short film. (40 Days Together, Trimobil, Whiskey Vodka Gin).

Director Statement

I crave for this kind of moments in my pictures. Every time I want to explain something it takes a film.
(when asked why he talks so much)


Directed by Borij Levski

Written by Borij Levski

Produced by Borij Levski
Anei Levski
Lea Bole

Cast Nika Ojdanić
Branko Ristić

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