Here There Be Tygers



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Thriller, Horror, Psychological Drama
A young girl faces a terrifying predator and potential redemption after being bullied by her manipulative classmate and cruel teacher.

Included with

Director Biography - Polly Schattel

Polly Schattel, director of “Here There Be Tygers,” has written, produced and directed three internationally-distributed feature films and worked with Oscar and Emmy-winning talent. Passionately transgender, Polly is currently creating media for the NCTE, the largest trans advocacy group in the world and is producing content for companies such as BBC, Volvo, Air Tran, CMS and more.


Directed by Polly Schattel

Written by Jennifer Trudrung

Produced by Jennifer Trudrung

Cast Penny Munroe
Selah Atwood
Jennifer Trudrung
Marisa Blake
Drez Ryan

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