Her Place



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Human Rights and Dignity, Women Rights, Mix video and animation, Slam Poetry
Vanessa tells us to our face what her place in this world is.

Included with

Director Biography - Gustavo Garcia Solares

Is a Guatemalan musician and film maker that travels around the world to document and tell the stories of youth led initiatives for social change.
He is also part of the communications team of Action Aid’s Global Platforms and directs artivism and innovation projects in Central America with CARTI (Central de Artivismo e Innovación).

Director Statement

I am a guatemalan video maker/musician. I see video as a tool to project and then, reform identity.


Directed by Gustavo Garcia Solares

Written by Vanessa Chisakula

Produced by Global Platforms

Cast Vanessa Chisakula

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