Gaza, one football, one leg



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
sport, politic, handicap, social, human rights, conflict, Football, Gaza, Palestine, Israel
2019 in Martigues, France, the French national amputees football team played against their counterparts from the Gaza Strip. Patrice Forget gives us an uncompromising documentary on the brutality of which Gazans are victims. With respect and empathy, the film focusses on the courage of these young men despite their handicap and their disastrous living conditions in the Gaza Strip.

Included with

Director Biography - Forget Patrice

Filmographie résumée de Patrice FORGET

Producteur et réalisateur de films documentaires

Citoyen Grégoire - 52 mn – 2003 - Portrait de l’Abbé Grégoire

sous les Gallé, la fièvre - 65 mn – 2000 - Portrait politique de l’artiste’ Emile Gallé
Grand Prix du Scénario, XXIIIè Festival International du Film d’Art (UNESCO, Paris, 1999)

Lux in vitraux - 26 mn – 1998 - Jacques Gruber artiste vitrailliste de l'Ecole de Nancy
Prix "Histoire et Artisanat", XXIIè Festival International du Film d’Art (UNESCO, Paris, 1998)

Demoiselles de verre - 26 mn – 1997 - Emile Gallé et ses œuvres de verre

De bois en lignes - 26 mn – 1996 - Eugène Vallin, ébéniste de l'Ecole de Nancy

Métal en fleurs - 27 mn – 1995 - Le métal dans l’architecture "Art Nouveau" de Nancy

Le feu de la rampe - 20 mn -1994 - Portraits d’un maître forgeron et de son apprenti
Prix spécial du Jury, IVème Festival Européen du Film d’Artisanat de Toulouse.

Director Statement

It was in 1992, at the age of 37, that Patrice Forget discovered his passion for the audiovisual industry.

In 1994, he won the Special Jury Prize at the 4th European Festival of Handicraft Films in Toulouse for "Le Feu de la rampe", a documentary short film on the transmission of knowledge between an apprentice and his master ironworker.
After having supervised documentary filmmaking courses in France, and with a group of audiovisual enthusiasts, in Ardèche, he produced and produced for 5 years a series of documentary films on the School of Nancy, the French artistic movement of the 'Art Nouveau.

He then produced the political portrait of the leader of L'Ecole de Nancy, Emile Gallé, through his works of glass and wood (Grand Prix du Scénario, XXIII International Festival of Film Art - UNESCO - Paris, 1999) .
Then he goes on to the political portrait of Abbé Grégoire, deputy / senator who played an important role in the French Revolution.
After having produced numerous documentary films for his director friends (on public services, the environment, ecology, etc.), he returned to the production of documentary short films, using the lightest technical means possible. ..


Directed by Forget Patrice

Written by Patrice FORGET

Produced by Patrice FORGET

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