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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Gabriel is a middle-aged man who lives with his son. His wife has been lost for some time. All the people are suspicious about her. One day news comes to him and he has to choose one: expediency or conscience?!

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Director Biography - Yousef Kargar

Director, screenwriter and producer Yousef Kargar, was born on April 24, 1985, in Urmia, Iran. He has BA of Persian literature and Master degree of Cinema. He is critic and writes in many publications and internet since 2002. He won several awards for his scripts and short films. He was awarded as best Iranian youth filmmaker of year in 2016. He attended to talent campus of Fajr Film Festival in 2016. In 2016 and 2017 He was jury member of Povero film festival in Italy. His short film «The Distance» was selected in prestigious festivals like Krakow, Cork and won grand prix of Busan short film festival and qualified to the academy awards. He made «Euthanize» in 2018 and «Maria's Day» in 2019. His last short film is «Gabriel».

2013- United Land (Short Documentary)
2013- On the ARAS Boundary (Short Documentary)
2015 – Ağı AKA Elegy (Short Fiction)
2017 – The Distance AKA Ara (Short Fiction)
2018 – Euthanize (Short Fiction)
2020 – Maria's Day (Short Fiction)
2020 – Gabriel (Short Fiction)


Directed by Yousef Kargar

Written by Yousef Kargar

Produced by Yousef Kargar
Ali Ziaei

Cast Yousef Yazdani
Ali Mokarram

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