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Available on 10/11/2020
Years ago, when Jason was a kid, he knew he could always count on one person to have his back, his imaginary friend Fig. Fig was Jason’s best friend and surrogate mother, until one day when she took things too far standing up to one of Jason’s bullies. That’s when Jason’s real mother banished Fig and left Jason broken and unprotected. Now Jason is an adult and Fig is back. She’s unleashing her pent-up rage on Jason’s enemies. Jason is ill-equipped to handle this. Everyone always told him Fig was imaginary, but he must figure out a way to stop Fig. I mean, sure they had it coming, but gruesome murders have a way coming back to bite people in the ass… Eventually. Director Biography - Rami Cohen

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Director Biography - Rami Cohen

Rami Cohen has been living in Los Angeles and working as a writer and director for over a
decade. Rami’s TV credits include “The Office” and the “Sarah Silverman Program” and his film script “Revenge of the Jocks” was sold to Warner Bros. Rami has contributed writing to films that include “Tropic Thunder” and “Get Hard.” He writes and directs high end corporate videos for clients such as Progressive Insurance, Dell Computers and US Foodservice. Fig is Rami’s first short film and he is honored to have been selected by MBIFF. He would like to thank everybody who worked on and contributed to this film.


Directed by Rami Cohen

Written by Rami Cohen

Produced by Alethea Geges

Cast Ammie Leonard
Louie Arnette

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