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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Drama, Docu-fiction
The intersecting stories of a young sex worker, an undocumented teenager, a reformed pimp, a homeless Black youth, and an elderly Chinese woman who struggle to survive displacement while living along East Oakland’s International Boulevard, otherwise infamously known as “East 14th”.

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Director Biography - Rafael Flores

Rafael Flores is Phi Beta Kappa Scholar and Lecturer at SF State University who specializes in Directing, Social Justice Film Production, Chicano Cinema, and Third Cinema. Flores is the Arts Director for non-profit United Roots, and the Co-Founder of production company Green Eyed Media, organizations both based in Oakland, CA. His work has been praised by various institutions that include: The White House, The Grammy Foundation, TED-X lecture series, the Cannes International Film Festival, the Writer’s Guild Theater of America, the London Guardian, and the Chicano International Film Festival.

Director Statement

"E.14" refers to the longest boulevard in Oakland which was once called East 14th Street, but due to gentrification, is now called "International Blvd". This is a docu-fiction narrative film based on the lives of real youth and senior citizens experiencing displacement in East Oakland. Many people who act in the film or provide testimonies are real people and many of the stories have been adapted for the screen. The entire film was funded by The California Endowment and the City of Oakland Cultural Arts Program to preserve diversity and solidarity in Oakland amidst a rapid process of urban renewal. Youth from Oakland non-profit United Roots functioned as apprentices to film professionals in assisting them in shooting the film on-location in deep East Oakland. Although main roles are played by actors, all of the main storylines are based on people the director has worked with in the Oakland non-profit industry over the past 10 years. Many of the people you see in this film are not actors, but actually community members who are testifying to their living conditions in Oakland to convey a form of hyper-realism with a brechtian presentation.

Oakland R&B Pop-Singer Netta Brielle (Netta Brooks) stars as Liberty, and Trestin George ("Fig" & "Fruitvale Station") co-stars as King.


Directed by Rafael Flores

Written by Rafael Flores

Produced by Toni Staniwicz
Demario Lewis
Olondis Walker
Galen Silvestri

Cast Netta Brooks
Trestin George
Angel Manzo
Deborah Pan
John Tam
Allison Ewing
Malik Hardcastle

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