Down in the Dark



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
horror, comedy
A group of teens enter an abandoned hospital on Halloween night to see firsthand if the legends of monsters lurking in the shadows are true.

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Director Biography - Daljit S Kalsi Jr.

Daljit Kalsi is an Emmy-nominated digital media journalist and an award-winning independent filmmaker from Greenville, SC.
Kalsi’s film “BOUND: An unflinching look inside the brutal world of human trafficking” won best overall at the Tryon International Film Festival in 2017.
He has directed two feature films and a handful of shorts, which have been showcased in film festivals throughout the Southeast.


Directed by Daljit Kalsi

Written by Daljit Kalsi

Produced by Daljit Kalsi
Erik Olsen
Chantey Colet

Cast Camila Escobar
Audrey Dickson
Myles Moore
Jonah Bishop-Pirrone

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