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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
After years of being the victim of domestic violence, Dolores gathers the courage to conquer her fears.

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Director Biography - Javier Augusto Nunez

Javier is an independent filmmaker with over 10 years of experience writing, directing, and producing in Canada, Colombia and most recently in the United States. He is an enterprising professional, comfortable with all aspects of audiovisual creation, and develops projects in both English and Spanish. Throughout his career, Javier has directed and produced short documentaries, narrative short films, corporate videos, as well as music and experimental video clips. He has demonstrated success through his participation in several film festivals in Latin America as well as in Canada and USA. Javier is currently focusing his directorial talents towards narrative feature films in development with socially relevant stories. His projects don’t just tell stories but also make commentary on social and political realities of marginalized groups in society. He is especially interested in suspense, dystopian sci-fi, and dramatic psychological thrillers. Currently he is immersed in the development and writing process of "Helena's Journey", "The Rainbow Complot", and "Wounds". These projects are planned as international co-productions with female lead protagonists.

Director Statement

My name is Javier Augusto Nunez, I am a film writer, director and producer based in San Diego, CA. I am writing to present for your consideration the short film DEFENSELESS, which I had the opportunity to direct and edit. This project was co-written with Macela Robison who also was the executive and creative producer.

With DEFENSELESS, we are pleased to present a film project that reflects a critical thinking on the current issue of domestic violence in the United States and the trauma generated that mainly affects immigrant women who have to suffer abuse in silence because of the fear of losing their status.

The film can be placed in the family drama genre and has a main female character; Dolores, whose life is turned upside down when she loses the love of her life after discovering that her husband not only physically and psychologically mistreats her but betrays her with her best friend.

An important topic to consider about this film is the minority inclusion in several phases of the production behind and in front of the camera. The project itself is a melting pot, that started with the idea of Macela Robison, a California based producer, associated with a latino director, and working with a Philippine director of photography, African American and latino talent, as well as important female crew members such as camera operator, production coordinator and color grading artists.

We are currently looking for a World Premiere for our project, we just finish postproduction and firmly believe this is a relevant story that needs to reach many audiences internationally.


Directed by Javier Augusto Nunez

Written by Macela Robison
Javier Augusto Nunez

Produced by Macela Robison
Melissa Gutierrez
Javier Augusto Nunez

Cast Valentina Latyna
Jose Rosete
Cami Storm
Carolina Catalino

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