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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Experimental, Feature, Student, Short
grandmother always replies to Luka' s curious guestions, one answer forces the child to catch birds, which will help him to see his mother. All days the boy spends on the roof with a trap, trying to catch a huge number of birds. grandmother react calmly to his desire, she only remarks that birds have mothers and they miss them too. later a group of older boys takes away his trap and only after that realizes the little boy these words. the conflict with the boys finishes after Luka s attempt to get his birds back. this incident changes a lot of thing for the little dreamer, he doesno' t want to achieve his aim by usign other creatures and releases the birds.

Included with

Director Biography - Giorgi Tkemaladze

Education :
2004 - 2011 sokhumis’s state university history and law faculty specialty – historian
2009 – 2011 Master's degree
2011-2016 shota rustaveli’s theatre and film university film and television faculty – feature film director.

Books issued
Collected poems. immortal soul 2008.
Pedestrian paths. stories 2010
Porcelain teapot poem and stories 2011
the elderly 2012 ( documentary)
the birds 2016(feature)
Paolo iashvili 2015 (documentary)
romance 2017 (feature)
2016 "Best sound directly" international short film festival sesily
2016 the best film - Kolkata international wildlife and environment film festival
2016 international open film festival "best film"
2017 international film festival in in alberta " best script"
2018 International Film Festival "Cinema and You" Best directorial work.


Directed by Giorgi Tkemaladze

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