Appalachian Trail Odyssey, with "Bulldog Hansen," Episode 2, Into North Carolina



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
Documentary Series, Adventure, Social Issue
Each year over 3,000 people attempt to hike the 2,174 mile Appalachian Trail. Fewer than 15% complete their journey. Mike Hanson, blind since birth, took on the challenge. His Trail-Name was "Bulldog."

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Director Biography - Gary L. Steffens, LICSW (ret) "Hitchcock"

Gary L. Steffens LICSW (ret) "Hitchcock" has done counseling and psychotherapy for 25 years. In 1993 he created Fresh Images, a boutique video production studio, specializing in psychological and human services video production. He has received numerous production awards including 3 Tellys. In 2008 he created "The Hanson Appalachian Trail Campaign" with blind attorney Mike Hanson with the goal of competing the 2,174 mile trek through the Appalachian Mountains and publicizing the 70% unemployment in the visually impaired community. Gary accompanied Mike, filming his quest and spent the last 9 years solo creating the documentary series, "Appalachian Trail Odyssey, with "Bulldog" Hanson." This epic 12 episode series expands Mike's quest to present portraits of other hikers, AT trail culture, historical and cultural side-stories and the remarkable generosity of individuals who support hikers in their journeys.

Director Statement

"Appalachian Trail Journey, with "Bulldog" Hanson" is the inspiring story of one man's heroic refusal to be defeated by a lifetime of barriers and challenges, continuing to climb mountain after mountain and dramatizing these struggles by now climbing actual mountains. He becomes a standard bearer for others facing difficult life challenges and showing them, "You Can Win!"

The series also takes a highly original approach to telling Mike's story and bringing the viewer intimately into the story and on to the Appalachian Trail. Filmed in the 1st person with the filmmaker an actual participant in the adventure, audiences experience the story directly, not through the distance of an observing production team.
The series is 90% completed with the first 6 hours, plus major segments of later episodes in finished form and available for review on


Directed by Gary L. Steffens
LICSW (ret) "Hitchcock"

Written by Gary L. Steffens
LICSW (ret) "Hitchcock"

Produced by Gary L. Steffens
LICSW (ret) "Hitchcock"

Cast Mikael Hanson
Gary L. Steffens
LICSW (ret)

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