A Romantic Interlude



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Available on 10/11/2020 10am
"What happens in the Green Room, stays in the Green Room." Actress Ami (Whitney Black) and technician Lamar (Nick Cordts) take a few moments before the show begins to discuss the many trappings of men and women.

Included with

Director Biography - Kevin Powers

Written several short films (i.e. The Morning After, The Old Woman and the Park(s), Primal) and the feature House of Secrets. Produced several films through Southlan-Films but most recently been the Program Director for the Gwinnett Center International Film Festival (2013-2015) and Festival Director/Program Director for Something Wicked Film Festival (2016-Present).


Directed by Kevin Powers

Written by Kevin Powers

Produced by Kevin Powers
Howard Carter
Travis Joseph

Cast Whitney Black
Nick Cordts
Katie Hughey
Alyssa R. Watkins

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