A Message From Your Father



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Available on 10/10/2020 10am
Through a chance encounter with a medium, a son finds out that his deceased father, who he didn't have a relationship with, is trying to send him a message.

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Director Biography - Victor Jones

Victor Jones
Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Victor’s acting career began as a featured extra on the television show “In the Heat of the Night”. He went on to appear in several stage plays and independent films in the Atlanta area. As Victor grew as an actor, he found it difficult to find opportunities to portray the types of roles that he wanted to portray. His resolution was to launch his own production company. In 2003 Victor launched CSN (Can’t Stop Now) Productions. As a writer, director and actor, Victor has become an award-winning filmmaker thanks to several of the short and feature films produced by his production company. Victor holds a Bachelors degree in Business Economics and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.


Directed by Victor Jones

Written by Victor Jones

Produced by Victor Jones

Cast Victor Jones
Olivia Ferreira
Joanie Geiger
William Stanley
Christa Hines
Marchiala Jacox
Saray Cruz

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